Your work crew did a great job. I am waiting for your sign for the front yard. Although we miss the apple tree it is a huge difference not having a stump marring the lawn and I swear the trees are breathing better with the trims. Let me know about the sign.

Kathy Peirce

I wanted to let you know that my wife and I, as well as our neighbors, Richard Stone, are very pleased with the work performed by your company on Wednesday October 21, 2003. Mr. Stone told me he observed the work and was impressed by your hard work and efficiency (four trees in under two hours, he said). He also said he plans to hire you for additional work in the future. While there was one small miscommunication (my wife did not know that the tree trunks would be picked up Thursday morning), it was minor, and we will certainly contact you again if we ever need additional tree work.

Ed Lawrence

Thank you again for the great job you and your crew did pruning our three large old trees. We were very happy with your work, service and cleanup. The trees have weathered the two recent severe thunderstorms in good shape. We have received many positive comments from our neighbors. We would be glad to provide references for you. Included are pictures – although they don’t fully capture how high and large the trees are. It was quite amazing to see you and your crew at the top of those trees! Also included is a reference letter.

Karen & Praveen Mutalik

Thank you for your patience. I’m not sure when you came to grind the stumps, but now I’ve moved all the chips. it’s clear they were done. I’m in closing an extra $50. for your patience & also because you never put your sign out on our lawn. Originally I think you knocked off $50. for that.

Take Care,
Carol Mitchell