Tree Removal – American Climbers is a professional, licensed, certified, and fully insured tree service company. We serve the central and metrowest areas of Massachusetts. We have the necessary experience, skills and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees.


Removal is recommended when:

  • Tree is dead or dying.
  • Tree is considered hazardous and cannot be salvaged.
  • Tree is an obstruction that cannot be corrected by pruning.
  • Tree is crowding other trees and causing harm.
  • Tree needs to be replaced with a more suitable variety.
  • Tree is to be removed to allow for new construction.


Tree Pruning – let us determine the type of pruning necessary for the health, safety and appearance of your trees:

  • Removing branches that interfere with electrical wires, building facades, gutters, chimneys, windows, or block streets or walkways.
  • Removing dead or weak limbs that could cause a hazard or lead to decay.
  • Removing diseased or insect-infested branches.
  • Re-structuring to improve effects of strong winds and lessen the potential for storm damage.
  • Training young trees.
  • Thinning or removing unneeded branches.
  • Shaping to improve the silhouette of the tree.


Stump Grinding – use of stump grinder to grind a stump and surface roots below ground level.

Fertilization – deep root feeding of trees with proper ratios of fertilizer to promote healthier growth and color.

Lot Clearing – clearing of large properties and wooded areas for new construction including removal of unwanted trees and underbrush.

Cabling – installation of cables to raise limbs or support weak limbs without having to remove them.

Storm & Disaster Recovery – Storms or high winds may damage branches or entire trees threatening homes, cars, buildings, or other trees. Due to their massive weight, they can be dangerous to remove or trim. We can provide safe and effective removal while reducing further risk of damage to your property.