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What you need to know about tree care in Massachusetts

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A large crack splits the trunk of a tree down the middle due to the weight of two large limbs growing in a “Y” shape.

Nov 14 2023

Tree Cracks: Reasons They Happen in Massachusetts

Discover the hidden truth behind the mysterious cracks in Massachusetts trees. Uncover the reasons and protect your beloved trees now!
A cross-section of the trunk demonstrates dead tree dangers by showing the interior is full of black, rotting wood.

Oct 11 2023

Dangers of Dead Tree Removals in Massachusetts

Discover the hidden risks lurking in Metro West, Massachusetts! Unearth the dangers of removing dead trees and protect your safety now.
The blue American Climbers tree removal crane sits parked in the front yard of a gray suburban two-story home with its boom extended and four outriggers set laterally to support the weight of the removal.

Sep 18 2023

How Tree Removal Cranes Maximize Safety in Tree Work

Technology transforms tree removal into a safe and efficient process. Discover how tree removal cranes make hazardous tree removals secure in Massachusetts.
A large yellow American Climbers stump grinder works to turn a stump into sawdust and woodchips. This customer chose stump grinding versus stump removal.

Aug 17 2023

Stump Grinding Versus Stump Removal – Which Is Better?

The battle of the stumps! Discover the pros and cons of stump grinding and stump removal. Find out which one reigns supreme in Massachusetts.
The American Climbers removal crew uses a grapple arm on a knuckle boom to lift a large section of tree. Massachusetts law has determined that the property owner is probably responsible for a fallen tree in this case.

Jul 24 2023

Who’s Responsible for Removing a Fallen Tree?

Do you know who’s to blame if a tree falls on your Massachusetts property? Find out why you’re often responsible for removing a fallen tree that’s not yours.
A large, fallen tree lays on the roof of a gray house with a brown wooden staircase up to the deck on a cloudy day.

Jun 28 2023

House-Adjacent Trees: When to Remove a Close Tree

Is the tree growing beside your house a potential danger? Learn how to tell if a tree is too close to your home, the risks it poses, and when to remove a nearby tree.
The remains of a large, broken oak tree sit in a green, grassy meadow, the base split wide open with the remaining trunk and leafy branches split in two, with each section lying on the ground in front of and behind the base, respectively.

May 8 2023

5 Massachusetts Trees Most Likely to Fail in Storms

Severe weather in Massachusetts can cause tree damage and have you scrambling for emergency removal. Which of your trees are most likely to fall in a storm?
A tree grows on a Massachusetts residential property.

Apr 18 2023

Who is Responsible for a Tree? It Depends on Who Owns the Tree

Removing a tree on your property isn't always a straightforward process. The first thing you need to know is if the tree is actually yours. Just because it's "on your property" doesn't always mean you have permission to cut it down. Even when you determine that a tree is yours, there are often additional considerations related to land use and habitat classification. It's a good idea to check out all of these available resources before you hire a tree service to remove your tree to save yourself from potential legal trouble and to keep you from wasting money.
A tree stump and roots remaining after a tree removal on a Massachusetts property.

Mar 28 2023

What Happens to Roots When Trees Are Cut Down?

A tree removal doesn’t actually mean that the entire tree is removed. Depending on what you choose, you will be left with a tree stump or shavings from tree stump grinding, and tree roots. Lots of roots. Though tree roots are mostly underground, the importance of a tree’s roots cannot be overstated. Not only do roots bring water, nutrients, and oxygen to the rest of the tree, but the roots also act as an anchor, keeping the tree steady through high winds and rough weather.
A topped tree in Massachusetts.

Feb 21 2023

Why You Don’t Want to “Top” Your Trees

Many property owners in Massachusetts contact us at American Climbers asking for “tree topping” for their trees. However, tree topping is not a service that we (or any reputable tree care company) provide. People may ask for tree topping because: They don’t understand what the term means Other trees in the surrounding area were topped…
Solar panels installed on a home's roof with part of a tree in the foreground.

Jan 12 2023

Thinking of Getting Solar Panels? You May Need to Remove or Prune Trees First

Trees are one of the important factors that you need to consider before installing solar panels. The shade of the trees can significantly decrease the solar panel's ability to function. Read this article to know what you should do before installing solar panels.
An American Climbers tree climber works to remove a tree near a home in Massachusetts.

Dec 8 2022

When To Remove A Tree

There are signs to look for that will help you decide when to remove a tree from your property. Read this article to learn about those signs and know what to do when you spot them.