American Climbers

Specializing in Large Tree Removal & Pruning

Meet The Team


These guys are true professionals.

Jack Reardon

American Climbers tree service has served the Metro-West region of Massachusetts since 1995. We specialize in large tree removal and pruning, as well as lot-clearing services. 

Why American Climbers Tree Service?

By specializing in tree removals and high-quality pruning, we have earned an enviable reputation in the industry.

We use only professional-grade equipment operated by highly-trained specialists with years of experience. Our award-winning climbers have the knowledge and experience to provide any service needed by our customers. Our staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of tree health, maintenance, and conservation.

We are able to handle large commercial projects, as well as small residential jobs, without sacrificing quality at any level.

Trees are a valuable asset to your property and our environment. Trust our experts and award-winning team to maximize your tree’s potential and value.

Experience a higher standard of tree service with American Climbers.


Fully insured for commercial and residential tree work

Serving our local community with quality tree care since 1995

Award-winning climbers, experienced equipment operators

There For You When You Need Us

Rain, wind, snow, or heat - we'll get the job done. Unless it's unsafe, of course. Ice and sleet, lightning, and high winds make a dangerous job even more hazardous. So, while we'll be there for you in emergency situations, we always do so in the safest way possible - even if that means waiting until conditions have improved.


It was fascinating to watch the teamwork of these hardworking men. Their equipment is top notch but their work ethic is even more impressive! When all was said and done you would hardly know they were here except for the bright sunshine in our yard and the fewer worries of a tree coming down in a storm. Highly recommend!!

Ginny Simmons O'Hara