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Protect your property by investing in the health of your trees. Reach out to American Climbers for professional tree services in Framingham, MA, and the surrounding Metrowest area today.

Trust the tree removal experts at American Climbers to remove dead or dangerous trees quickly and safely from your property. Our climbers have the skills and tools necessary for tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and removing storm-damaged trees.

At American Climbers, we specialize in large tree service in Framingham, MA. Our crews have a grapple saw, bucket trucks, industrial-grade wood chippers, cranes, and safety climbing equipment to handle tree service on even the largest trees.

For questions about our tree services, visit our FAQ or call us at 508-497-8628.


Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

We specialize in large tree removal and removing dead or dangerous trees that could harm property or people. Our award-winning climbers will inspect any problem trees on your property during your initial consultation to determine if a tree needs removal.

Some signs that it’s time to remove a tree include:

  • Your tree is dead or dying.
  • It presents a hazard of damaging property during a storm or injuring a person.
  • Your tree interrupts traffic on a sidewalk or road or blocks a driveway.
  • Tree overcrowding can lead to malnourishment, infection, or infestation of the entire tree cluster.
  • Future development plans require the removal of the tree.
  • The tree has outgrown the property and is no longer suitable.

During your initial consultation, ask your estimator to include quotes for stump grinding as part of your tree removal service.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

At American Climbers, we can trim large trees to improve their health and stability and reduce the risk of emergency tree service after a storm.

Our tree pruning service includes:

  • Cutting dead or weak branches that could damage property or cause an injury.
  • Trimming branches that encroach on buildings, roadways, or power lines.
  • Training young trees to grow into appropriate shapes for strength and stability.
  • Improving airflow for better resistance to storm winds.
  • Shaping trees to look more appealing around your home or business.

By reducing the weight of the canopy and trimming branches back to healthy growth, we can prevent infection by diseases and infestation by insects that can harm or kill the tree and beautify the tree for greater enjoyment.

Our Tree Care Services


One bazillion stars! We've used them three times. Best service, the best equipment, and even the best value.

Andrew Coppola

Best around. Hands down! Aside from the trees being removed, you won’t even know they were there!

Tom Zawatski

DID YOU KNOW? Newly planted trees may die quickly if improperly planted. To produce a new tree correctly, plant it no deeper than the rootball with the trunk flare visible above the soil. Additionally, don’t plant new trees at a low spot in your yard. Water should drain away from new trees so you can control moisture with active watering.


Emergency Tree Service and Storm Clean-Up

Never attempt to remove a tree damaged in a storm yourself. Removing storm-damaged trees requires professional attention with the correct tools. We offer 24/7 emergency tree service, including emergency tree removal, storm clean-up, and tree removal with a crane.

Fallen trees are often unstable and can be dangerous to move without the proper equipment. Since 1995, American Climbers has performed large tree removal, including removing storm-damaged trees.

Lot Clearing

If you need to clear a lot to develop for commercial or residential use, call the experts at American Climbers. We specialize in large tree removal and have all the necessary equipment and experience to clear the lot quickly and safely. No tree is too big, and we can perform large tree removal with a crane.

Dependable Tree Service in Framingham, MA


Are you looking for tree services for your Framingham, MA home or business?

Since 1996, American Climbers Tree Service has provided excellent tree care and services for homes and businesses in Natick, MA, as well as other Metrowest areas. Contact us today at 508-497-8628 to discuss your trees and to set up an initial consultation.

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