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Protect your property by investing in the health of your trees. Reach out to American Climbers for professional tree services in Marlborough, MA, and the surrounding Metrowest area today.

The experts at American Climbers are proud to assist our neighbors in Marlborough in large tree management. Our award-winning options include tree removal, tree trimming, emergency tree service, and storm clean-up.

Our experienced tree removal experts use professional-grade tools and equipment to remove trees safely, including bucket trucks, wood chippers, safety harnesses, cranes, and more. Trust our expertise to get the job done quickly and done right.

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Removing trees and stumps after a tree has decayed or died can be challenging. This process often involves using expensive equipment and presents serious safety hazards for inexperienced DIYers. Calling in an expert is an excellent way for property owners to minimize their risk, protect their property, and avoid extra equipment expenses.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Our specialty is large tree removal, including elm, pine, and oak trees. We recommend removing trees if they are dead or dying, as tree death can weaken the tree and make it susceptible to large limbs breaking off during heavy winds or under the additional weight of snow and ice during the winter. This can lead to costly property damage.

Additionally, dying trees may contain diseases or insect infestations that could spread to your healthy trees if allowed to remain on your property. Professional tree removal by our American Climbers team can protect your healthy trees while removing any infected trees.

Other reasons to remove trees include:

  • Removing storm-damaged trees.
  • Reducing overcrowding in a cluster of trees, allowing the remaining trees to thrive.
  • Making room for planned construction.
  • Clearing trees that interfere with traffic on roads, sidewalks, or block access to driveways.

We also offer stump grinding for our tree removal services for an additional cost. During your initial consultation, ask our estimator to quote the cost of stump grinding into your tree removal estimate.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

While you may find it easy to use pruning shears on your smaller trees, larger trees require professional tree pruning. Our climbers can ascend trees with special safety gear to trim dead limbs, shape the canopy, and look for signs of disease or pests.

Benefits of regular tree trimming include:

  • Improved airflow through the tree canopy for added resilience in high winds.
  • Removal of limbs near buildings, power lines, and roofs.
  • Thinning of the canopy to allow more sunlight to reach all the leaves instead of just the outermost limbs.
  • Shaping of the tree to beautify your property and increase curb appeal.

With regular pruning, even the largest trees can withstand high winds, reducing the likelihood of needing emergency tree service after a storm.

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Thank you. Job well done. Your crew is the best. I am a retired truck driver with 54 years in the seat, you take pride in your trucks, and it shows. So with that, be safe and well over and out.

Mike Schofield

DID YOU KNOW? Trees can get vertical cracks in their bark during winter! Frost cracks result from expanding and contracting water in a tree’s cells as water repeatedly freezes and thaws during fluctuating winter temperatures. Rigid tree bark can’t expand enough to accommodate the expansion of water inside the tree as it freezes into ice, leading to long vertical cracks in the tree trunk.


Your team did a great job. Extremely organized and professional. Well done!

Robert McCall

Emergency Tree Removal and Storm Clean-Up

Trees that fall during a storm can be unstable and dangerous. Do not attempt to move these trees yourself. At American Climbers, we offer storm clean-up in Marlborough and across Massachusetts. Call us any time, 24/7, for emergency tree service.

Safety is the top priority for our licensed professionals. Our knowledgeable crews can quickly and safely remove storm-damaged trees on your property. For larger trees, we perform tree removal with a crane. Let us handle emergency tree removal after a storm.

Lot Clearing

If you need to clear a lot to build a new home or a new commercial development, contact the experts at American Climbers. We have all the tools necessary to clear acres in what will seem like no time. We'll put our grapple saw, cranes, and log trucks to work immediately, so you can get to the next step in developing that lot.

No tree is too large. Even the tallest trees don’t stand a chance against tree removal with a crane. Contact us today to schedule your initial inspection for lot clearing tree service in Marlborough, MA.

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