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Protect your property by investing in the health of your trees. Reach out to American Climbers for professional tree services in Milford, MA, and the surrounding Metrowest area today.

At American Climbers, we've served our neighbors in Milford with expert tree removal, tree pruning, and removing storm-damaged trees since 1995. We've won numerous customer service awards as voted by the community for years.

Trust our award-winning service, expertise, and tools for large tree service in Milford, MA. Our climbers use cranes, bucket trucks, log trucks, grapple saws, and more to remove troublesome trees quickly and safely.

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Large tree species can overgrow the size of the property or die due to insect infestation or disease and require removal. Let the expert tree removal specialists at American Climbers help you remove problematic trees from your property. For huge trees, we offer tree removal with a crane.

Many factors can lead to a tree needing removal from your property. A tree can be dangerous if it has a weak structure that can lead to the breaking of larger limbs or the falling of the entire tree during adverse weather events. If a tree poses a risk to property or could endanger people, call us to remove it.

Other reasons to remove a tree include the following:

  • The tree is dead or dying.
  • It is part of an overcrowded tree cluster, and removal can help the other trees thrive.
  • It blocks walkways, roads, or driveways.
  • The tree is in the way of planned development.

We also offer stump grinding with our tree removal services for an additional fee. Ask our estimator to quote the cost of stump grinding during your complimentary consultation.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree pruning can help breathe new life into your large trees and improve their structure to increase their resilience against storm damage. There are several benefits to large tree trimming, including:

  • Shaping trees to increase their appeal around your home or commercial building.
  • Thinning trees to allow for more sunlight and airflow.
  • Training young trees to grow with appropriate structure and strength.
  • Cutting back branches that show signs of disease or pest infestation before it spreads to the rest of the tree.
  • Removing limbs that intrude on your home, business, driveway, or power lines.

Regular tree trimming can keep trees healthy and strong, making them more resistant to diseases and pests. At American Climbers, we specialize in large tree pruning using safety harnesses, bucket trucks, and wood chippers to remove bulky limbs and keep your large tree species healthy.

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The team was amazing-very quick, professional, and affordable. I would use them again!

Gregory Siecziewicz

DID YOU KNOW? We can remove trees in tight spaces! We must strategize carefully on how we'll take the tree down without damaging nearby structures and haul the tree parts away from the site. Confined spaces can include a small backyard, narrow spaces between buildings or fencing that prevents equipment from passing through, or proximity to power lines.

Emergency Tree Removal and Storm Clean-Up

We offer 24/7 emergency tree service for our neighbors in Milford and across Massachusetts. We have the training, experience, and equipment for removing storm-damaged trees safely from your home or commercial property. You should never attempt to remove a tree damaged or felled during a storm yourself during storm clean-up.

Call us for emergency tree removal if a storm damages your trees. For large trees, we perform tree removal with a crane. No matter what level of emergency tree service you need, we’re happy to help with storm clean-up so you can get back to normal quickly after a storm.

Lot Clearing

Call the tree removal experts at American Climbers if you need to clear a lot for commercial or residential development. We can put our grapple saw and cranes to work and clear that lot quickly and safely, leaving it ready for your next step in development. If you need lot-clearing tree service in Milford, MA, call us today!


Was extremely pleased with the speed and professionalism - I had thought it would take hours to accomplish all the work but they were done within only two hours, cleanup and all. Would definitely recommend!

Lisa Priest

Dependable Tree Service in Milford, MA


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