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Protect your property by investing in the health of your trees. Reach out to American Climbers for professional tree services in Wayland, MA, and the surrounding Metrowest area today.

American Climbers is proud to offer the best in large tree service to our neighbors in Wayland, including tree removal, tree pruning, and emergency tree service, including emergency tree removal and removing storm-damaged trees.

We have the biggest and best tools to manage large tree removal and tree service in Wayland, MA. Our climbers use bucket trucks, cranes, wood chippers, and log trucks to remove tree limbs and trunks quickly and safely from your residential or commercial property.

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

A tree can risk nearby property, buildings, and people. Removal of some trees is necessary if they're too close to buildings, power lines, sidewalks, or roadways. For huge trees, we offer tree removal with a crane. Other reasons you may want to remove a tree include the following:

  • The tree has structural weaknesses that could cause damage during a storm.
  • It is dead or dying.
  • The tree is part of a cluster of overcrowded trees, and removing one or more trees can help the rest of the trees thrive.
  • It requires removal for future construction planning.
  • The tree has overgrown the size or landscaping of the property and no longer suits the space.

We also offer professional stump grinding as an add-on for our tree removal services. We can grind down the stump to mulch and reduce the risk of fungal infection or pest infestation in the live stump. Additionally, stump grinding prevents regrowth from the stump. Ask our estimator to add stump grinding during your complimentary on-site consultation.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Even large trees require occasional trimming to maintain their health and beauty. Contact the experts at American Climbers for large tree trimming. Our climbers can use safety harnesses, climbing gear, or a bucket truck to ascend the tree, inspect for weaknesses, prune away dead branches, shape the canopy, and improve resilience against storm damage.

Our professional large tree pruning services include:

  • Thinning the canopy to improve light penetration and airflow, improving resistance to sudden wind damage or additional weight from ice during winter.
  • Removing diseased or pest-infested limbs before the infection can spread to the rest of the tree.
  • Training younger trees to grow into a strong shape that can support its weight as it develops.
  • Removing limbs growing too close to buildings, power lines, and other trees.

Regular tree maintenance through trimming and pruning can keep your trees healthy, reducing the likelihood that you’ll need emergency tree removal after a storm or inclement weather event.

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Great advice and great work were done! The staff was friendly and professional. We even got the work done sooner than expected with zero damage to the lawn! Thank you for that!

Laura Colasacco

DID YOU KNOW? Massachusetts law allows a property owner to remove branches or roots of a neighbor's tree that crosses the property line. If the neighbor's tree intrudes on a property owner's space and is a nuisance, the property owner may remove any intruding parts of the tree on their side of the property line.

Emergency Tree Removal and Storm Clean-Up

We offer 24/7 emergency tree service, including removing storm-damaged trees that fell or lost limbs during the storm. Never try to remove a storm-damaged tree yourself. Contact the experts at American Climbers for emergency tree removal and storm clean-up.

Lot Clearing

If you need to clear a lot for commercial or residential development, call the experienced tree removal specialists at American Climbers. We can schedule tree removal with a crane, wood chipping, and log hauling to have your lot cleared in what seems like no time so that you can move on to your next step for construction. Call American Climbers for lot clearing tree service in Wayland, MA.


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