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Professional tree removal, stump grinding, pruning and trimming for your Holliston, MA property.

Allowing diseased and damaged trees to deteriorate on your property does no one any favors. You’re risking the safety of your home and family and possibly infecting nearby trees and vegetation as well. When you need a tree trimmed or removed, call our team at American Climbers Tree Service.

At American Climbers Tree Service, we deliver a higher standard of tree service. Check out our customer reviews!

We have the expertise, equipment, and experience to tackle tree problems of any size safely. Plus, we’re your neighbors, with several of our employees residing in Holliston and the surrounding communities. Our services include:

  • Tree maintenance and upkeep
  • Tree removal services
  • Tree stump grinding and removal
  • Storm damage cleanup
  • And more

To learn more about our company and the services we offer, check out what our clients say by browsing our customer reviews. For more direct answers to your questions, give us a call today at 508-497-8628.


Tree Removal

With the Emerald Ash Borer causing so many dead trees in this area, tree removal is something nearly every local homeowner may face at some point. No tree is too large for us at American Climbers Tree Service, and we offer a free consultation.

We will use our tree knowledge and expertise to preserve your tree if at all possible. We’ll inspect it and give you our professional opinion on whether we can save it or you should remove it.

Safe tree removal is not a do-it-yourself job. It requires an experienced tree service company with the equipment, skilled crews, and safety record needed to do the job correctly.

At American Climbers Tree Service, we take pride in safely removing trees from nearly any landscape without damaging property or structures. Our tree care professionals are onsite at every job to ensure that we consistently practice the highest safety standards.

Conservation Restrictions

If you live in a Wetland Resource Area, Riverfront Area, or Buffer Zone, your property falls under the jurisdiction of the Holliston Conservation Commission. For that reason, you will need to obtain Commission approval before undertaking any tree trimming or removal, even if the tree poses a safety hazard. Additionally, you will need to mitigate any tree removal by planting a replacement tree or other vegetation.

At American Climbers Tree Service, we are quite familiar with the local conservation and mitigation regulations and can assist you in obtaining the appropriate permits. The Holliston Conservation Commission is located in the Holliston Town Hall at 703 Washington Street.

Stump Grinding

Stumps are no match for us at American Climbers Tree Service! Whether a stump is left over from cutting down a huge tree, has been rotting in place for years, or involves smaller stumps littering your lawn, our heavy-duty stump grinder will have the problem taken care of in no time.

Stump removal is one of those tasks that homeowners may attempt on their own. They may rent a stump-grinding machine only to find themselves unhappy with both the results and the mess it’s made in their yard. Or they may wrap a chain around the stump and try to pull it out with a truck, which rarely ends well.

If you have a tree stump that you want us to remove, call us. Not only is using a stump removal expert safer, but it’s usually cheaper, too, and much more effective.

Our Services


We were quite amazed by the professional crew. The trees were in a difficult location and everything went smoothly. Showed up on time and clean-up was great. American Climbers is the best example of how the job gets done. Thank you very much, we stressed how a difficult job could be done. 

Moe and BJ Arsenault

Arrived when they said. Did all the work we had agreed on plus a few we forgot and asked if they could do it for an agreed-on price. Will use them again when we are in need.

Ronald Burke

DID YOU KNOW? Depending on location, tree species, and tree age, city regulations may protect some trees and require a tree removal permit before cutting it down. As a professional tree service in Holliston, MA, our team at American Climbers can file any necessary permit applications with City Hall, saving property owners time and stress.

Tree Trimming & Pruning to Help Trees Stay Healthy & Eliminate Problem Branches

At American Climbers Tree Service, we are your large tree specialist, with award-winning climbers who know the difference between pruning a tree properly and just cutting off some branches. Pruning your trees enhances their structure, health, and appearance and reduces the chances of storm damage.

Our tree service professionals at American Climbers Tree Service will ascend your tree to examine the branches needing removal. How we determine we should prune a tree depends on factors such as the species, size, health, location, and what you want to accomplish. With precise pruning cuts in the right places, we avoid harming the tree while achieving the desired outcome.

At American Climbers Tree Service, we have a pruning solution for any problem you may be facing in Holliston, MA:

  • Crown raising removes lower branches to restore free access and open up views.
  • Crown thinning reduces the density of a tree’s canopy to increase air movement and light penetration.
  • Crown reduction reduces a tree’s size or spread to maintain its form and structural integrity.
  • Crown cleaning removes branches that aren’t contributing to the health and appearance of the tree.

We do not ‘top’ trees. Tree topping is against the ANSI A300 standards of professional arborists. Healthy trees that get topped will likely never recover their natural shape.

AC-Local-page-holliston-3 (2)

Very good experience with American Climbers. Competitive price and very professional job. Had about two dozen good size trees removed, no impact to the lawn or grounds at all. Highly recommended.

Brian Stanick


All around great experience. Reasonable rates, know their stuff, and super efficient. Thank you!

Jim Sibley

Storm Damage Cleanup to Quickly Get Your Holliston, MA Property Back to Normal

At American Climbers Tree Service, we offer emergency tree service for storms and situations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Heavy spring rains, summer thunderstorms, Nor’easters, and other extreme weather systems expose trees to damage such as snapped branches, roots pulled out of waterlogged soil, and split or toppled trees.

Call us right away so that we can provide immediate action. With our highly experienced crews and state-of-the-art equipment, we can respond to storm cleanup needs quickly and efficiently.


Are you looking for tree services for your Holliston, MA home or business?

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Dependable Tree Service in Holliston, MA

Our team at American Climbers Tree Service has been serving Holliston, MA, and the entire metro-west region of Massachusetts since 1996. By specializing in large tree removal and high-quality pruning, we have earned an enviable reputation in our industry and with our clients.

We use only professional-grade equipment and employ highly trained specialists with years of experience. Our staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of tree health, maintenance, and conservation.

Our team at American Climbers Tree Service is fully insured and works with commercial and residential projects. We provide free consultations along with free estimates. Discounts are available to military veterans and senior citizens. We can also offer better pricing during the winter months when frozen ground and a lack of leaves means that we can complete some types of work in less time.

Last but not least, we are your friends and neighbors. Several of us live in Holliston and the surrounding area. We ride bikes on the Upper Charles Rail Trail. We’re proud supporters of the Holliston High School senior class and the boys’ hockey team. Go Panthers!

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