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Protect your property by investing in the health of your trees. Reach out to American Climbers for professional tree services in Southborough, MA, and the surrounding Metrowest area today.

At American Climbers, our tree care professionals specialize in large tree maintenance and removal. Our climbers use professional climbing gear, bucket trucks, cranes, chippers, and more to safely remove large or dangerous trees from your property.

Our tree removal experts can safely remove one or several trees from your property without damaging your home, business, or other trees.

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Most customers call for tree removal of dead or dangerous trees from their property. Dangerous trees could be dead trees that have lost their structural integrity, trees that have grown too close to your home or power lines, or trees that obstruct traffic around roads or sidewalks.

Other reasons to remove a tree include overcrowding, clearing for future construction, and if a tree has grown too large and no longer suits the property.

We will inspect your trees before we begin the work to determine if we need to remove the tree or if we can recommend an alternative. If your tree requires removal, our climbers will get to work with the right equipment for even the largest trees, including tree removal with a crane.

Although we do not offer stump removal, we can add stump grinding to your tree removal service for a nominal fee. Ask our estimator to quote for stump grinding during your initial site visit.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Our climbers can ascend a tree and see where you need tree pruning to maintain your tree's health. Tree trimming can help with the following:

  • Clearing tree branches close to power lines or your home without removing the whole tree.
  • Removing diseased or pest-infested branches before they spread to the rest of the tree.
  • Training the tree to grow properly with a strong structure.
  • Thinning branches to allow more light and airflow.
  • Shaping the tree into an attractive appearance.

Tree trimming and pruning for large trees require special equipment to complete safely. Our tree care professionals have years of experience with tree pruning and removal and can identify the key branches to trim without harming the tree.

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The crew came on time and all the staff were very professional and hard working. They removed a large tree that was surrounded by electrical wires with no issues. I highly recommend them.

Chris Bakutis

DID YOU KNOW? Massachusetts doesn’t require permits but has a law against willful trespass to trees. If a person removes a tree on someone else’s property, the owner can receive damages of triple the estimated value of the tree. However, if the offender had good faith belief that the tree was on their property or believed they had the authority to remove the tree, they are only liable for the value of the damages.

Storm Clean-Up

We offer 24/7 emergency tree service, including emergency tree removal for removing storm-damaged trees. Do not attempt to remove damaged or fallen trees yourself after a storm. They can be unstable and dangerous.

At American Climbers, our tree removal experts have all the specialized equipment we need for safely removing storm-damaged trees. We can perform tree removal with a crane during storm clean-up for huge trees.

Ideally, before you need emergency tree service, you may be able to prevent storm damage to your trees. Call American Climbers to inspect any potentially hazardous trees on your property. We can reduce the risk for some trees with tree pruning to remove bulky weight from the canopy or perform tree removal of any trees at risk of falling.

Lot Clearing

If you need lot clearing to build a new home or commercial building, contact the removal experts at American Climbers for tree service in Southborough, MA. We’ll inspect the lot to identify risks and develop a timeline for clearing your lot quickly and safely.

Other Services-Just Ask!

We perform a full inspection before starting any tree service job. We can help you procure a permit if necessary, determine if a tree needs removal or just a trim, and determine what special equipment we need. Our consultation is complimentary, and we offer discounts for veterans.

We do not offer stump removal or tree cabling, but ask your estimator for a quote on stump grinding or cutting wood into shorter lengths for firewood.


I hired American Climbers to clean up several trees in my yard. I was extremely impressed with their quick response, professionalism, pricing, and great tree work. I would highly recommend them.

Stephanie Ward

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