Tree Removal Preparation: What To Do Before Cutting Down A Tree

The American Climbers team removes a tree from a residential property in Massachusetts.

When you decide it’s time to cut down a tree, there are some things you’ll need to do before tree removal starts, even if you’re cutting it down yourself. Learn how to prepare for tree removal work, when it should be done, and why proper preparation is critical for safely taking down a tree.

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Can You Do Tree Work in Winter?

American Climbers works on a residential property in Massachusetts during the winter.

Even in Massachusetts, winter is a great time for tree work! Learn the many benefits of winter tree work for both you and your trees – and the things you should avoid.

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The Real Cost of Poor Tree Care

branches of a mostly dead tree against a blue sky

Cheaper tree care isn’t a “better deal” when it results in worse outcomes for your trees and higher ongoing costs for you. Here are the “red flags” to look out for that show you’re getting poor tree care.

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