When to Prune Trees & Shrubs

Spring flowering tree in need of pruning after it stops blooming.

The right time to prune trees and shrubs varies depending on the species, age, and condition of the plant. Learn what to prune each season – and what not to prune.

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Why You Don’t Want to “Top” Your Trees

A topped tree in Massachusetts.

Many property owners in Massachusetts contact us at American Climbers asking for “tree topping” for their trees. However, tree topping is not a service that we (or any reputable tree care company) provide. People may ask for tree topping because: They don’t understand what the term means Other trees in the surrounding area were topped…

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Is my Tree Dead or Dormant?

A dormant deciduous tree without leaves in Massachusetts.

Tree may look dead during winter season but in reality it is just in its dormant state. This article will help you check if your tree is dead or just dormant. If you still have a hard time after reading this post, American Climber can help you.

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Golf Course Tree Care

A golf course with rolling hills, water, and colorful fall trees.

Caring for trees on a golf course can be challenging. That’s one of the reasons why it is best to leave tree care on golf courses to professional arborists. There are more reasons why professional tree care is essential on a golf course, read them in this article.

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Can You Do Tree Work in Winter?

American Climbers works on a residential property in Massachusetts during the winter.

Even in Massachusetts, winter is a great time for tree work! Learn the many benefits of winter tree work for both you and your trees – and the things you should avoid.

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The Real Cost of Poor Tree Care

branches of a mostly dead tree against a blue sky

Cheaper tree care isn’t a “better deal” when it results in worse outcomes for your trees and higher ongoing costs for you. Here are the “red flags” to look out for that show you’re getting poor tree care.

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