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What you need to know about tree care in Massachusetts

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Close-up of a hand using a pruning saw on a tree branch

DIY Tree Work: Should You Do It Yourself?

If you're considering DIY tree work, learn what you can reasonably do yourself and which activities you should never do without hiring a tree service professional.
Girdled tree roots covered in green moss

Girdling Roots: The Strangler That Can Kill Your Trees

Learn what girdling roots are, how they form, why they're dangerous, and what you can do to prevent or correct them to save your trees.
A tree with a branch that was poorly trimmed to a stub

Pruning Mistakes to Avoid [Poor Pruning Can Kill Your Trees]

To help you avoid the after-effects of bad tree trimming, here’s a lineup of the common pruning mistakes we see made by homeowners and untrained pruners. We can fix some of these mistakes afterward, but many of them are irreversible so it's best to do it right the first time.
A stump grinder cuts through a tree stump

Stump Grinding FAQs: What You Need To Know About Stump Removal

Should you opt for stump grinding? How long will it take? What are the benefits of removing a stump? Is it a DIY job you can do yourself? We answer all of those questions about stump grinding - and more - in this article.
Construction equipment on the lawn of a homeowner with torn up dirt, grass, and bushes

How to Prevent Tree Damage from Construction & Landscaping Projects

Landscaping and construction projects can easily break tree branches, injure tree trunks, and damage roots, leaving trees stressed, susceptible to insect and disease problems, or unstable after the work has been completed.
a tree fell from winds or a storm and was uprooted

Did You Know? Proper Tree Pruning Can Prevent Storm Damage

Nor'easters in Massachusetts uproot trees, break branches, and topple trees onto homes. But by taking these preventive measures now, you can minimize the risk of storm damage caused by trees.
Yellow caution tape in front of green grass and trees

Protect Yourself – Insist on Proper Tree Service Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for tree work done on your property probably isn’t the first thing you think about when hiring someone to prune, remove, treat, or maintain your trees. But it’s arguably the most important consideration.
lightning hitting a tree

What Happens When Lightning Hits a Tree?

Lightning storms are common in Massachusetts. Here's how being hit by lightning affects trees, what to do about it, and how to prevent trees from being hit.
Urban trees' roots move the sidewalk around them

Do Tree Roots Damage Sidewalks, Foundations & Plumbing?

Tree roots are often blamed for several issues - they can be found in pipes, in foundations, sidewalks, and lawns. Learn why this happens and what you can do to prevent tree root damage in this blog post.