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What you need to know about tree care in Massachusetts

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Fresh wood chips used as mulch on a Massachusetts property.

Sep 29 2021

Why, When & How to Mulch Trees in Massachusetts

Mulch provides many benefits for your trees, but when used improperly it can also kill them. Here’s how to properly use mulch, how it helps your trees and landscape, application tips, and safety precautions.
An ash tree that was killed by EAB, emerald ash borer.

Aug 18 2021

Dead Ash Tree Removal in Massachusetts

Dead ash trees are brittle, unstable, and prone to unexpected failure, making ash tree removal a dangerous job that requires skilled tree removal professionals and specialized equipment. Here's why you should remove a dead ash tree from your property and how to find the right tree service to do the work safely.
An outdoor thermometer shows high temperatures against a backdrop of green grass and deciduous trees.

Jul 27 2021

How to Help Your Trees Handle Heat Waves & Heat Stress in Massachusetts

If your trees are wilting, yellowing, and dropping leaves this summer, it’s probably heat stress. Learn why it happens and how to protect your trees during heat waves.
An American Climbers crew member gives the camera two thumbs up from a bucket truck during a pine tree removal.

Jun 18 2021

Pine Tree Removal in Massachusetts

Cutting down a pine tree requires extra work (and sometimes a few extra headaches) that removing a deciduous tree or a non-coniferous evergreen tree doesn’t. Learn why and what to expect if you need pine tree removal.
A small conifer tree and small spade sitting in dirt, ready for planting.

May 18 2021

Plant a Tree the Right Way

Many newly planted trees die within the first few years because they were planted incorrectly. Learn the simple steps to properly plant a new tree, including planting depth, backfilling, staking, watering, and mulching.
The American Climbers team removes a tree from a residential property in Massachusetts.

Apr 19 2021

Tree Removal Preparation: What To Do Before Cutting Down A Tree

When you decide it’s time to cut down a tree, there are some things you’ll need to do before tree removal starts, even if you’re cutting it down yourself. Learn how to prepare for tree removal work, when it should be done, and why proper preparation is critical for safely taking down a tree.
An American Climbers employee removes a dead tree using equipment such as a crane

Mar 29 2021

Should You Remove a Dead Tree?

Learn when (and why) you should cut down a dead or dying tree, what to consider before starting, and why some dead tree removals are never a DIY job.
Close up of a frost crack on a horse chestnut tree in Massachusetts

Feb 19 2021

Frost Cracks: FAQs About These Vertical Cracks in Trees

Answers to all of your questions about winter frost cracks in trees: why it happens, if it's harmful, what to do, which trees get it, and more.
American Climbers works on a residential property in Massachusetts during the winter.

Jan 26 2021

Can You Do Tree Work in Winter?

Even in Massachusetts, winter is a great time for tree work! Learn the many benefits of winter tree work for both you and your trees - and the things you should avoid.
Icicles form as rain turns to ice on a tree branch in Massachusetts during the winter

Dec 7 2020

Snow- and Ice-Damaged Trees: What To Do After a Winter Storm

Learn how to prevent tree damage from snow and ice storms, what to do (and not do!) after a storm, how to assess the severity of any damage to your trees, and whether or not your trees will recover.
branches of a mostly dead tree against a blue sky

Nov 24 2020

The Real Cost of Poor Tree Care

Cheaper tree care isn't a "better deal" when it results in worse outcomes for your trees and higher ongoing costs for you. Here are the "red flags" to look out for that show you're getting poor tree care.
Spring flowering tree in need of pruning after it stops blooming.

Oct 22 2020

When to Prune Your Trees & Shrubs

The right time to prune trees and shrubs varies depending on the species, age, and condition of the plant. Learn what to prune each season - and what not to prune.