Managing Tree Risk & Damage

The American Climbers removal crew uses a grapple arm on a knuckle boom to lift a large section of tree. Massachusetts law has determined that the property owner is probably responsible for a fallen tree in this case.

Jul 24 2023

Who’s Responsible for Removing a Fallen Tree?

Do you know who’s to blame if a tree falls on your Massachusetts property? Find out why you’re often responsible for removing a fallen tree that’s not yours.
The remains of a large, broken oak tree sit in a green, grassy meadow, the base split wide open with the remaining trunk and leafy branches split in two, with each section lying on the ground in front of and behind the base, respectively.

May 8 2023

5 Massachusetts Trees Most Likely to Fail in Storms

Severe weather in Massachusetts can cause tree damage and have you scrambling for emergency removal. Which of your trees are most likely to fall in a storm?
Solar panels installed on a home's roof with part of a tree in the foreground.

Jan 12 2023

Thinking of Getting Solar Panels? You May Need to Remove or Prune Trees First

Trees are one of the important factors that you need to consider before installing solar panels. The shade of the trees can significantly decrease the solar panel's ability to function. Read this article to know what you should do before installing solar panels.
A dormant deciduous tree without leaves in Massachusetts.

Nov 14 2022

Is my Tree Dead or Dormant?

Tree may look dead during winter season but in reality it is just in its dormant state. This article will help you check if your tree is dead or just dormant. If you still have a hard time after reading this post, American Climber can help you.
Overhead view of American Climbers tree crew pruning a large tree.

Apr 26 2022

Pruning or Trimming Tall & Large Trees: What’s the Big Deal?

The larger a tree gets, the greater the risk to people and structures around it. It takes special equipment and pruning techniques to minimize the risk posed by these enormous trees. Learn how we do it!
An American Climbers crew member examines a tree that has fallen on a house due to a summer storm.

Dec 7 2021

Storm Damaged Tree Removals Are for Experts: Here’s Why

When a storm damages or topples your trees, it’s tempting to try to handle the cleanup and tree removal yourself. But doing so can be extremely dangerous. Learn the risks of storm damage tree removal and why hiring a professional is the best option.
An outdoor thermometer shows high temperatures against a backdrop of green grass and deciduous trees.

Jul 27 2021

How to Help Your Trees Handle Heat Waves & Heat Stress in Massachusetts

If your trees are wilting, yellowing, and dropping leaves this summer, it’s probably heat stress. Learn why it happens and how to protect your trees during heat waves.
Icicles form as rain turns to ice on a tree branch in Massachusetts during the winter

Dec 7 2020

Snow- and Ice-Damaged Trees: What To Do After a Winter Storm

Learn how to prevent tree damage from snow and ice storms, what to do (and not do!) after a storm, how to assess the severity of any damage to your trees, and whether or not your trees will recover.
Construction equipment on the lawn of a homeowner with torn up dirt, grass, and bushes

May 15 2020

How to Prevent Tree Damage from Construction & Landscaping Projects

Landscaping and construction projects can easily break tree branches, injure tree trunks, and damage roots, leaving trees stressed, susceptible to insect and disease problems, or unstable after the work has been completed.
a tree fell from winds or a storm and was uprooted

Apr 21 2020

Did You Know? Proper Tree Pruning Can Prevent Storm Damage

Nor'easters in Massachusetts uproot trees, break branches, and topple trees onto homes. But by taking these preventive measures now, you can minimize the risk of storm damage caused by trees.