What Happens to Roots When Trees Are Cut Down?

A tree stump and roots remaining after a tree removal on a Massachusetts property.

A tree removal doesn’t actually mean that the entire tree is removed. Depending on what you choose, you will be left with a tree stump or shavings from tree stump grinding, and tree roots. Lots of roots. Though tree roots are mostly underground, the importance of a tree’s roots cannot be overstated. Not only do roots bring water, nutrients, and oxygen to the rest of the tree, but the roots also act as an anchor, keeping the tree steady through high winds and rough weather.

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When To Remove A Tree

An American Climbers tree climber works to remove a tree near a home in Massachusetts.

There are signs to look for that will help you decide when to remove a tree from your property. Read this article to learn about those signs and know what to do when you spot them.

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Removing Trees in Confined Spaces

A photo from the point-of-view of an American Climbers crew member as they work to remove a tree in a tight spot between two buildings.

Tree removal is challenging, especially in confined spaces. Here’s what you need to know about removing trees in tight or narrow areas, including small backyards, between buildings, and near power lines.

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Dead Ash Tree Removal in Massachusetts

An ash tree that was killed by EAB, emerald ash borer.

Dead ash trees are brittle, unstable, and prone to unexpected failure, making ash tree removal a dangerous job that requires skilled tree removal professionals and specialized equipment. Here’s why you should remove a dead ash tree from your property and how to find the right tree service to do the work safely.

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Pine Tree Removal in Massachusetts

An American Climbers crew member gives the camera two thumbs up from a bucket truck during a pine tree removal.

Cutting down a pine tree requires extra work (and sometimes a few extra headaches) that removing a deciduous tree or a non-coniferous evergreen tree doesn’t. Learn why and what to expect if you need pine tree removal.

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Tree Removal Preparation: What To Do Before Cutting Down A Tree

The American Climbers team removes a tree from a residential property in Massachusetts.

When you decide it’s time to cut down a tree, there are some things you’ll need to do before tree removal starts, even if you’re cutting it down yourself. Learn how to prepare for tree removal work, when it should be done, and why proper preparation is critical for safely taking down a tree.

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